Literatura Caffe - East Gate Mall

Literatura Caffe

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On an area of more than 200 square meters, within the largest center for shopping, culture and entertainment in the region - "East Gate Mall" , there is the largest local of the most urban literary cafe, Café Literatura. This is the third location of Café Literatura, which is part of the "" bookstore chain. Café Literatura is an architecturally modern designed space, designed for relaxation and sharing beautiful moments, where you can drink good coffee and read a nice book from the rich offer of "". The cafe-bar is designed as a space for promotions and for holding various cultural events, literary meetings, concerts, business presentations and filming. One of the best coffees in our country, "Café Italia", will be represented in the bar. The menu includes different types of coffees such as espresso: "Michelangelo", "Marco Polo", "Burundi", "Brazil" and "Ethiopia", macchiato and cappuccino "Marco Polo", cappuccino with Baileys, Viennese cappuccino, Irish coffee, caramel affogato, Espresso Orange, Affogato Baileys and Nescafe and coffee cocktails, as well as the exclusive types of specialty coffee "Burundi", "Brazil", "Ethiopia", "Costa Rica", "Sumatra", "Tanzania" and "Colombia" branded as Café Literatura. Various types of cocktails (Moscow Mule, Mojito, Caribbean Daiquiri, Gin Fizz and many others) and smoothies (Veri Berry, Peanut Butter, Choco Smoothie and Super Food Smoothie) will also be offered, as well as hot drinks, hot chocolate, salep, non-alcoholic drinks, selected brands of alcohol and a selection of quality wines.