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“EGM talks” – Elena Bubalo

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1. How / Why did you decide to become a fitness instructor?

There are several reasons. First, as crazy as it sounds, and while I was studying biochemistry (then I was studying at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health), I was always saying I would find a job that would not be eight hours of sitting or with fixed working hours, but the job would be my hobby, so I would love the time I spend at work. I was obsessed with it. Next, I started living the dream. 13 years ago I wanted to spread the desire to exercise to all the people around me, back then and right now the awareness of exercise is not comparable, it was not easy to make someone start taking care of themselves. That’s how my education started and today I am changing lives of my loved ones, my family, of the people I know and the people I don’t, and I am very happy about that. The coach is not about exercising only for himself and giving training. It’s much more than that and I believe people can already make a difference.

2. What do you like about fitness?

Fitness is a word with a special meaning: a condition in which you are physically strong and healthy. Recreational exercise is a tool for a better life. And who doesn’t want to have a better life? Training challenges me, every next session I want to prove to myself that I am better than yesterday, but some other benefits affect me more such as energy, quality sleep, stress relief, being a happy mother and a wife and finally, it helps me to face my daily activities better.

3. What is more important, physical exercise or diet?

Both are very important and cannot be compared.
We need to be physically ready if we want to function flawlessly during the day and to have energy to perform daily responsibilities without any problems. Today, work comes down to sitting, and thus destroying the human body because it was not created for that. We can not all quit our jobs, but we can all exercise recreationally at least 4-5 hours a week.
Food is fuel for our body. It is a choice whether we will eat quality food to have a good energy during the day. Before we look at food as something that makes us fat or slim, we must be aware that, in fact, food is nutrition for our cells and should be adequate for our organs to function properly.
But for people it is more important to get to the desired shape or to lose weight. So, in that case, I have to say that the diet is more important than the exercise. But as a combination they are crucial to achieving the desired result.

4. Do you recommend dietary supplements to improve results?

Only proper nutrition is enough for recreational sports. Eventually, pure protein can often help with your daily diet, but it is not food. I recommend everyone to take Omega fatty acids and vitamin D as essential supplements.
But results and professional sports are not the subject of this conversation. There need to be an individual approach for that.

5. What three exercises would you suggest for everyone and why?

There are no such!

6. What are your thoughts on organic and vegan diet?

If I could trust the food industry I would choose organic food. I support it and try to use what suits me. But I would only be sure if I grew my own food. That’s why I do not fall into a trance if I read on something that it is organic.
I respect the vegan diet as a choice. I do not have a bad opinion about it at all. My husband and I have thought about this many times, but we have not decided to be at least vegetarians. I support everyone, I have many vegans nearby whom I try to help with a balanced diet, while respecting their choice.

7. What are your personal fitness goals?

A healthy and a happy mother and wife. A coach with a lot of energy that I still need to change people’s lives.
These are my goals, which I want fitness to help me achieve.
Big ass. Flat stomach. Strange curves. New fitness trends. These are not my fitness goals.

8. What is your experience and advice for prenatal nutrition?

Simply. Do not eat for two!
Eat in a balanced way, appropriate for each individual according to the needs, with as much fresh and seasonal food, enriched with a sufficient amount of quality protein and fat. There is nothing to complicate!
I do not understand why pregnancy is associated with food and eating too much.
Taking care of yourself at that time is at the same time taking care of the fetus in the mother’s womb. So let it be with a lot of care and love. ❤️