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Ozdilek is a well known brand from Turkey of home textile for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Its among the first 10 in the world and the first one in Europe for production of towels and bed sheets for the reason of the capacity and quality of the production. Özdilek ranks in the first 6 in the world and 1 place in the Europe in terms of towel – bathrobe manufacturing with its quality and production capacity carried out in the facilities integrated by completely modern technology and automation. Production is carried out in a fully integrated way from raw coמּon to coמּon yarn, from yarn to weaving and from dyehouse to manufacturing in Özdilek production facilities. Özdilek which annually invests to developments in technology due to its company vision and sense of quality became one of the world’s companies producing quality towel – bathrobe and had its brand acknowledged by the whole sector.
Comfort and quality.