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The brand BOZINOVSKI watches and jewelry has been a synonym for success and excellence, bringing together luxury, fine living, style and people through experiences that inspire.
The company Bozinovski watches and jewelry, pioneer in style and innovation in Macedonia since 1996, began working in Bitola and soon expanded its sales network in Skopje. Despite its own three shops, Bozinovski offers its products through a network of agents and franchises around the country.

The company creates values, trust and quality continuously for the past 20 years, which through investing and care towards its employees transfers them to the customers.

The Bozinovski brand as an official representative, is known for exceptional models of: Omega, Breitling, Longines, Hamilton, Montblanc, Tissot, Ititoli, TAG Heuer, Calvin Klein, Swatch, Troika, and Flik Flak. In our stores you can also find unique collections of gold rings for all your special moments.