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The offer of the ARCUSHEALTH company includes massage chairs that provide a superior massage with the possibility of complete relaxation. ARCUSHEALTH’s desire is to provide every interested customer with a high-quality massage by equipping relaxation corners, everywhere and in all places at low prices. Massage is an ancient art of healing and therapy that originated in traditional Chinese medicine and is still used in various forms today. With its massage chairs, ARCUSHEALTH managed to combine tradition and the most modern techniques and largely replaced manual massage. In massage chairs, the imitation of natural hand movements is fully functionally ensured by program-guided massage. Acupressure pressure techniques using levers and massage wheels relax tense muscles, improve circulation and stimulate nerve fibers to secrete endorphins – hormones of pleasure and happiness. What separates the massage chair from manual massage is its consistency in quality and willingness to massage all clients at all times in its own way, and what unites them is the functionality of the massage itself. Massage is a daily human need that positively affects his health and mood.