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Enci Menci and Chicco. We are looking for a way to be a brand that wants to introduce people to the most important needs of children all over the world, a source for all those who are looking for simple and reliable products, specialized for every age and designed with knowledge, love, responsibility and commitment to help growth in the best possible way.

Children are the greatest wealth. The care, attention, infinite love, providing the best conditions, closeness and tenderness, which we give them every day while growing up and how they are remembered.

Enci Menci and Chicco – shops for babies, children and pregnant women – listen to the needs of all family members every day and with its range of clothes and shoes, equipment and cosmetics and with a selection of over 20 major manufacturers for every age, every visitor is taken care of to feel like part of our family.

Encii Menci Part of Your Family.