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Polleo Sport is a regional and European leader in the fitness equipment and healthy food industry for athletes, recreationists and people who care about their own health.
The brand vision is to promote the concept of healthy living by educating and raising awareness among people about how important an active life is for quality living.
Polleo Sport stores have highly educated staff that provides safe and healthy way for reaching sporting or personal goals.
Polleo Sport has the largest selection of sports supplementation, bio and healthy food, fitness equipment – all in one place, products from the world’s best manufacturers of supplementation and equipment such as Optimum Nutrition, Scitec Nutrition, QNT, My Protein, ME: FIRST, BSN, Garmin , Fitbit, Atleticore, Equa, Reebok, DC Comics, Under Armor, ZOE, TRX… and many other world brands.
Holder of the prestigious Superbrands quality certificate, as well as the Green Superbrands – brand with highly developed environmental awareness and responsibility