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Since its inception in 1996, Office Shoes has grown into an international specialist chain of multi-branded footwear stores with more than 180 retail stores in various cities: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia.

The stores together with the online store offer a wide range of world famous brands that are constantly updated.
In Macedonia so far there are 2 stores in Skopje, located in the best locations, providing easy access to high quality footwear. Our retail stores are decorated according to the latest fashion standards. The modern concept that manages our stores contributes to the wide selection of the highest quality footwear, for all ages and generations, to be displayed in an appropriate style. We are constantly investing in the training of our team, and in this way we have enabled you to be welcomed in every retail center by professional staff, who will help you choose your favorite pair of shoes with ease. Choose top quality for yourself and your loved ones!

Our online store website is secure and very easy to order. You can easily find and order your favorite pair. All orders on our website are checked before delivery, only after all security checks are completed, the product is delivered to the desired address.
Your order is completely secure. We value your privacy and therefore take great care of your information.
You can pay for your order in cash at checkout or with payment cards at the time of ordering.

Let us show you why Office Shoes have become one of the leading names in the country when it comes to footwear!
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