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Carpisa is an Italian handbag, luggage and accessory fashion brand, founded in 2001. It has consistently grown in the last years and today it is a recognized brand present in several markets with more than 600 stores in Italy and abroad. Carpisa is fashionable, young, with a wide assortment, bearing a distinctive Italian Spirit and a high value for money. The brand mission is to offer a strongly creative and absorbing in-store habitat, proposing a wide range of handbags, luggage, wallets and accessories, that are the perfect combination of quality and price. Carpisa, with its Italian design, gives everyone the freedom to express their own style in a world of accessible bags and fashionable accessories. The Italian Spirit is in fact one of the key qualities of Carpisa and it is emphasized by the refined style of its products. The Carpisa “Italian Feeling” is boosting the brand’s international growth, spreading worldwide the passion for the Italian lifestyle through its stores, collections and communication. The headquarters building of over 10,000 square meters, the CasaCarpisa, is located in the Nola Interporto, in Nola, Italy.