With NLB Mastercard credit cards, the holidays this year last longer - East Gate Mall

With NLB Mastercard credit cards, the holidays this year last longer

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Use your NLB Mastercard cards during December and January and take the opportunity to receive one of our valuable shopping vouchers at East Gate Mall.The first 200 who will make transactions of 10,000 den. and the first 200 who will make transactions of 20,000 denars in the period from December 15, 2023, to January 15, 2024, will receive a voucher of 2,000 or 4,000 denars, depending on the amount of the transactions.
All Mastercard credit cards by NLB Bank will participate in the promotion.
The promotion lasts from 15.12.2023 to 15.01.2024.

The vouchers will be able to be picked up in the period from 15.02.2024 to 01.03.2024 from the Neptune store located in the East Gate Mall, every day during the working hours of the shopping center.

Vouchers should be used in full for the amount they were issued for (2,000 or 4,000 mkd), and if the purchased products exceed the amount of the voucher, the customer can pay the difference directly at the point of sale. If the purchased products are for an amount lower than the amount of the voucher, the difference will not be refunded and it is not possible to exchange for cash. The voucher should be used at once, on one bill, at one point of sale.

Vouchers can only be used at the following shops in East Gate Mall in the period from 15.2.2024 to 15.5.2024:

MyTime House La Familia Bloom
Express Manicure Sinsay JYSK Fabu Spot
Office Shoes Mohito New Age Palestra
Sketchers Office Plus Subra Original Marines
Sport M House of Samsonite Lush Chapter 3
Intersport Calliope Tinex Nike
Sizeer Polleo Sport Cosmo Sport Vison
Adidas Dioptra Optics Gant Buzz
Extreme Intimo Prima Optics Tommy Hilfiger Sport Reality
Bellina Literatura Calvin Klain Under Armor
Biana Shoes Pandora L’occitane Dan John
Prosvetno Delo City Fashion OVS Kids Mango
Liu Jo Dormeo XYZ Fashion & Friends
Patrizia Pepe Sigma Armani Exchange Kiko Milano
Twinset Krusel Orsay Timberland
Yamamay Neptun Ozdilek Hugo Boss
Carpisa Kares Mond Okaidi
Reserved Blukids Tiffany Parfois
Cropp Duki Daso Krs Springfield
5 Centar