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Welcome to the first EXPRESS MANICURE in our city, where your style and precious time come first!
The name “EXPRESS MANICURE” is used for a quick manicure, which does not require any appointments and prior organization of time!
We drew the idea from all European cities, where this works perfectly!
It is a streamlined nail care service aimed at those looking for a quick yet rejuvenating nail treatment.
In 30 minutes, your nails will be precisely shaped, the cuticles neatly removed, and the selected gel polish applied. The focus is on efficiency without compromising the polished finish, making this service perfect for individuals with busy schedules who still crave well-maintained and stylish nails.

Always flexible and adaptable to your wishes!
At our kiosk you can also find the well-known Polish nail brand “NEONAIL”.
A brand that covers a wide range of products for professional nail art, but also products for everyday hand and foot care.”NEONAIL”, a brand where sophistication blends with style, and the products are carefully crafted and based on quality and innovation, following the latest world trends!