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How easy and convenient is it to be able to recharge your electric car’s batteries at your preferred shopping place? You may plan the charging of your electric car, make an online payment, and save time while having fun at the mall’s outdoor parking area on the south side close to Goce Delchev Boulevard.

If you’ve been having struggles charging your electric car up until now in the city area, you may finally find a solution in your preferred mall.It has never been simpler or more easy to charge electric cars thanks to a sophisticated online solution that is accessible on the App Store and Google Play. There are two chargers, each with multiple charging powers for slow, fast and ultra fast charging.

Get the app from the links below, start your charging, and enjoy at your preferred restaurant or retail location, while your car charges the batteries for you, to drive new remarkable kilometers.

For more information, please contact us on 072 227 229 (WhatsApp)

Get it from the App Store: Soon to come
Get it from the Google Play Store here: LINK