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CINEBOX VR is the best virtual stimulator 9D that offers you exciting content for every age with a large selection of movies and games starting from 3 years old with children’s content, for teenagers adventure, horror or interactive content and finally the most adults with adrenalin content.

CINEBOX VR is a pioneer for 9D and is the first brand in Macedonia that offers 9D and 360 degree enjoyment along with other effects that actually represent that 9D virtual reality that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

CINEBOX VR is a place where you can feel like you are in the future for the first time. 9D VR is currently the newest and most popular thing in the world that finds daily use in all areas such as entertainment, medicine, the aviation industry and many others.

Visit CINEBOX and we offer you complete enjoyment with our large selection of fun and adrenaline-filled sections with 9D effects