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About us

Why La Familia?

Why did we call the franchise – La Familia?

Simply because we wanted to create a full association with family, warmth, devotion, and care.

Because even in the essence of our business ethics, we are guided by the motto that we are one family, one family with our valued customers, partners, and collaborators.

Who are we at La Familia?

We at La Familia are like one family.

We care for our friends as if we were our own. We show it through the beautiful and pleasant atmosphere at our home; Through the warm attitude and attention that our employees show you; Through our pricing policy, which takes care of your wallet, which ensures that you always receive an offer that you cannot refuse…

We invite you to become part of our family!

What is La Familia?

La Familia is what the market needed – a new and unique concept of a premium store, with prices that respect the domestic budget.

La Familia is a retail facility in the format of Liquor, Tobacco & Gift Shop, a concept in which we offer focused contents in the portfolio for a wider consumer audience, with thematic interior decoration, as a counterpoint from some past times – for some, turbulent, for some nostalgic; and the modern age – represented by the introduction of new trends and cutting-edge technologies in retail.

Such as, for example, digital presentations and on-the-spot product notifications and much more that will separate us from the rest of the market offer.

What to expect from La Familia?

We are introducing new content to retail.

At La Familia we offer carefully selected products and impeccable service; We offer a selection of the world’s top brands of alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, hot and cold beverages, salted confectionery products, tobacco products, a variety of carefully selected and tailor-made gifts, as well as other specific products and services typical of this type of specialized retail facility.


Alcoholic beverages

Our partners are those who offer the best in the market of alcoholic beverages in the world. There is no greater challenge than bringing the best for you, in front of you. Enjoy measuredly and responsibly: If you drive – don’t drink: If you drink – don’t drive…


And here we are really specialists. We have a specially prepared section, feel like you’re in the winery you’ve been looking for for a long time. The choice is difficult: we have the best of Macedonia; the most striking of the Region; the most ticklish of the top Italian, French and other masters of the wine craft. Try the wine with our label – La Familia. You’ll come back for it again…

Soft drinks

We have reduced the selection of soft drinks to top-of-the-mind brands. Always cold, ready for your pleasure and refreshment. It is your choice. The choice is yours. It is up to you…


Is there anyone who does not like gifts? Small and large; salty and mild; For birthday or name day; For a wedding anniversary or a first date; For new employment or retirement. We will be happy to hear your requests, help you choose, and package it all tastefully and elegantly. Stand out from others…

Food products

This is a time of fast living. Yes, we know that many of you think that “back in the day” it was different. But these are modern times, so if you intend to recover with some fresh or vacuum-packed sandwich, snacks, chocolate, or something else, La Familia has a section especially for you. Take your pick…

Non-food products

Do you have something else in mind? Cigarettes and tobacco products; maybe cigarillos or cigars? Check out our humidor, we have the perfect selection for you. And maybe you are looking for something else? Look on the shelves. Our staff will be happy to help you. Just ask…


We are at your disposal to save your time, effort and, of course, money. Collection of accounts; lottery games of chance; other services. In one place at La Familia, you can get the job done as in several counters around the city. Request the service for you…


Is there anything we didn’t list? Of course, there is. La Familia is conceived as a concept that opens its doors wide for you and where you can find everything you need. If you don’t find it, you probably didn’t get to see it. At all times, the staff is ready to help you…