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It is probably enough to say that it has been operating successfully in the market since 1882, so that you know it is “Evropa”.

“Evropa” is a company that leaves its mark on many generations and has been proudly carrying that recognition for more than 135 years, which makes it one of the oldest companies in the confectionery industry in the Balkans. Thus, passing on the experience and increasing the quality through several generations, it becomes what it is today – a stable industrial company with a production of about 5,000 tons per year and sales on the foreign and domestic markets.

“Evropa” is always in step with the interests of its customers and modern trends in the confectionery industry, which is an occasion for rebranding a large number of products and an incentive to create new ones. We are constantly working on new and redesigning existing packaging.

For a long time, our goal has been the trust of our customers and mutual satisfaction, and that will never change.

Enjoy a taste that crosses borders and exceeds your expectations.

“Evropa” – Pleasure Factory