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A success story from pasta lovers (Amanti di Pasta) The largest shopping center in Macedonia, East Gate Mall, will now be joined by the largest network of pasta restaurants in Macedonia, Amanti. Amanti is the ideal place for pasta lovers and a new concept that offers a wide variety of pasta choices, portion sizes and types of sauces. Moreover, it offers excellent and very fast service for an unparalleled experience. Amanti is already present in three different locations in Macedonia, in Skopje (City Mall) and in two locations in Tetovo (In the center of Tetovo and near the University of Tetovo). The fourth restaurant has already been added to this chain, and considering the enthusiasm with which it is accepted by our visitors, it is planned to expand to other cities throughout Macedonia very soon. Amanti was created in March 2021 at the height of the pandemic, a time that was not at all convenient for existing businesses, and especially challenging for new service businesses. This concept was launched in order to fulfill the need of the Macedonian customers to have an environment dedicated to all pasta lovers, and considering the progress made within a year, it is clear that this new concept received many positive recommendations from the enjoyers on pasta. What makes Amanti different from the usual pasta places? "You can probably find pasta in every restaurant along with other types of food, but not with the dedication, care and love for pasta as in Amanti. For us, the main ingredient is the dough, everything is connected with the pasta" - says the manager of Amanti. During our visit to the Amanti restaurants, followed by a conversation with the staff, it can be seen that in fact Amanti offers an innovative and quite interesting concept for our market. Amanti's concept is: maximum quality and commitment, extremely fast service, reasonable price and convenient packaging, as well as a larger selection than anywhere else with a similar offer. Quality and commitment: During our visit, we get to know the kitchen, the environment and the staff where the very famous and sought-after sauces are prepared. From here it can be seen that Amanti very delicately chooses every basic product necessary for preparation from scratch. Each product is fresh and prepared by professional staff with many years of experience in preparation. Extremely fast service: From the receipt of the order to its realization, no more than 5 minutes pass. Perhaps this may sound strange to those who have not visited Amanti Restaurant, but it is very true. All that is made possible by the way of preparation and serving. Fresh sauces are prepared in the central kitchen in Tetovo and delivered early in the morning to other Amanti restaurants. Then all types of sauces are placed in the bain marie heater and are ready for further use and serving. Reasonable price and practical packaging: From the very opening, Amanti has been guided by one motto, to have the cheapest prices for pasta, salads, desserts and accompanying products on the market and to have the same top and recognizable quality, both in Tetovo and in Skopje. Among other things, Amanti's advantage over the usual restaurants is that the pasta is served in three different sizes. You cannot determine the size of the plate in ordinary restaurants, but at Amanti you can with one hundred percent certainty. Portions are served in paper boxes that maintain the temperature for up to 1 hour from the time of serving and in the following sizes: small, medium and large portion. In addition, Amanti packaging is very practical and also ecological because if you are already full and still have food in your portion, you can take it without asking for additional utensils from the kitchen (as for example it is the case in traditional restaurants). More choice than anywhere else: Amanti so far offers up to 12 different types of pasta and sauces on its menu, most of which you have not had the opportunity to try in regular restaurants. In addition, Amanti makes sure to occasionally refresh the menu with new products based primarily on the requests of our visitors. Among other things, what sets Amanti apart is the possibility to choose the type of pasta between: Spaghetti, Penne, Fusilli, Macaroni and Integral pasta. For all those who have not visited Amanti, we suggest you visit and give your rating.