Pet Friendly Weekend - East Gate Mall

Pet Friendly Weekend

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East Gate Mall pet policy

East Gate Mall is the first mall in our country to allow pets. The stages and process we go through are limited until we determine that we can meet all the needs of visitors with pets. These stages are educational for the shopping centre and our employees in order to avoid any problems for pets, but also for visitors who come without pets.

Allowed entry of all pets up to 15kg.

Please keep your pet on a leash at all times while in the mall or in stores where pets are allowed.

When entering the mall, please make sure you are equipped with a poo bag or wet wipes. You can also find these basic items at the info desk on the ground floor of the shopping centre or at the 5Centar pet shop on level -1.
For pets that are thirsty, please visit the pet shop 5Center on level -1

Identifying the pet-friendly store:
Check for sticker at the entrance of the store and identify if entry with a pet is allowed.
If there is no identification sticker in front of the store, please do not enter or consult the employees of the store.
Entry with pets is prohibited in the following facilities and rooms:

• Tinex supermarket,
• Restaurants,
• food court

Liability for damages:
As a pet owner, please be responsible for any damage caused by your pet in the mall or any of the pet-friendly stores. In such cases, the owner will be required to cover the costs associated with the repairs or replacements.
We appreciate your cooperation to these guidelines, as they will ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all visitors, including those with pets.