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“EGM talks” – Andrijana Petkovski – Break a leg

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What does the European Hip Hop Championship mean for Macedonia and how is it organized?

The very name European Championship means that the best of the best hip-hop dancers in Europe will come to Macedonia to compete for the title of a European Champion.
In order to be able to participate in the European Championship, the dancers must first compete in the national qualifications in their own countries, and then the best three or five dancers from each country will participate in the championship, which will be held in Macedonia.
To be able to participate in the race for the European championship organizer, whether it is in hip-hop, ballet, latin or other dance, it’s important to have excellent organizational skills and experience in organizing any international festivals or competitions.
Through participation in the competition, all candidate countries offer conditions for organizing the European Championship and the country that will offer the best conditions becomes its organizer.

How do Macedonian dancers rank in the world?

Before the start of the pandemic, Macedonian dancers accomplished excellent results at world competitions and we had very good results in the past ten years. To be precise, we are multiple finalists on world and European championships. In 2017, we had a European champion, and in 2016 we even had world vice-champions.
So, the answer to the question would be that the Macedonian dancers rank excellently, given the conditions and the finances that the state has for the development of this type of dance. Namely, it is a miracle that we have achieved so much so far.

What are the benefits of dancing?

The benefits are huge in every aspect. Apart from improving physical and mental health, dance is the best way to socialize, which leads to developing empathy and a sense of teamwork, that always gives great results. Dance teaches us about self-expression and self-confidence. It teaches us that only with hard work, continuity and desire we can achieve everything we want.

Where and when will the championship take place and what are your expectations?

The European Championship will be held from July 1st to July 5th at two locations: SC “Jane Sandanski” and the final part of the European Hip-Hop Battle Championship on the plateau behind East Gate Mall. We expect more than 2,500 dancers from 20 European countries to enjoy Skopje in the summer.

Why did you choose EGM as the venue for the hip-hop championship?
We chose EGM because it is the largest shopping mall of European rank in the region and as such is a place whose modern tact and dynamics will succeed in a different way to unite the most talented dancers from Europe in one place.
Hip-hop as a dance for exchanging positive emotions and EGM as a mixture of beauty and functionality are the right combination for this summer and for the upcoming European Championship. EGM’s urban infrastructure and a large number of visitors will help to further bring the essence of hip-hop to the audience, as well as to create and express something new through the immersion in music!