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Marfi Macarons and Choco Art kiosk at East Gate Mall is located on the first floor and offers macaroni, chocolate candies – choco art, cakes and cookies. Our products are of Macedonian production and are of top quality. Our company BIP Komerc in 1992 it started producing homemade cakes and pastries. In 2005 year we created the brand Marfi Macarons which specializes in macarons cakes, as the first product of this type on our market. We offer 18 different flavors and colors of macarons, as well as several different exclusive packages. Same so under this brand are the pussies in different colors. In 2020 we created it our latest product Murphy Choco Art, which is unique with its artistic look and handmade. This brand contains boxes of chocolate candies, chocolate chocolate bars and figures. Our homemade cakes are also sold at the kiosk which have 30 years of tradition and premium quality with natural ingredients without additives. There are 15 different flavors and more sizes, shapes, as well as cakes by order.