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Bookstores “” bring the world book trends, satisfying the taste of even the most picky book lovers. “”, which started as an online store (, now has eight specialized bookstores stationed at the busiest places in Skopje and Bitola, and soon in Strumica. In Superstore bookstores there is a large selection of fiction, children’s literature, professional literature and educational materials in several languages, from the largest domestic and foreign publishing houses. In the architecturally modernly designed space, there are several contents: office supplies, school supplies, didactic and educational publications, but also aids for art and design, as well as handicrafts. Special emphasis is placed on the gift program: notebooks, planners, cups, T-shirts, cards, magnets and more. In it you can also find luxury gifts, designer products for home and office. The bookstore also has a wide range of toys for children up to 14 years old, from several world famous brands. Bookstores are also conceived as places for holding various cultural events, book promotions, concerts, business presentations and recordings.