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Dioptra Optics is a brand that has existed on the market in Macedonia for almost three decades, guided by key principles that regularly lead to world norms. Its range includes more than 60 world famous brands and more than 10,000 different models of sunglasses and diopter frames. Six chapters adorn Dioptra’s success. Dioptra Couture, Dioptra Optics and Dioptra Outlet, are regularly upgraded providing numerous options for people who want to emphasize their character and style through the large selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Like every person, every Dioptra salon has its own character and in various ways satisfies the needs of the most unique individuals. The culmination of its existence occurs with the opening of the new store in East Gate Mall. World-class exclusivity, luxury and warmth and warmth and friendliness is what you will encounter when shopping in each of Dioptra’s salons.
The secret of success and the foundation of every upgrade that Dioptra introduces in its offer comes from the motivation that is the result of the desire to help people to have a trendy, comfortable and perfect vision.