April 2021

The Athlete’s Foot enters the Macedonian market

Ivana Ilioska from SPORT M officially handed over the designs for the three stores to the East Gate Mall leasing team and said, “The sports department at the East Gate Mall will be impressive and will be a favorite place for shopping, entertainment, and recreation for all visitors. East Gate Mall is the right place for our three new stores that will be decorated according to the most modern concept that will be implemented in the next 5 months.”

THE ATHLETE’S FOOT is coming to Macedonia for the first time through East Gate Mall and will be a great refreshment for sports fans. The world-renowned THE ATHLETE’S FOOT belongs to the Intersport group and offers various sports brands, whose models are rare, in limited collections, and can not be found in the usual shop windows. Anatomical lines, top design, as well as innovative pieces promoted by the best names in sports, are the main competitive advantages of THE ATHLETE’S FOOT.

Adidas is a dedicated mono-brand store that covers 360m2 and will be the new home of the latest authentic Adidas collections.

The largest Intersport opens for the first time within a shopping center in Macedonia on an area of 1100m2 as a multi-brand store that offers a huge range of products for each sport and the presence of many prominent brands in all categories.

Natasha Apostolov, the Leasing Manager at East Gate Mall, stated: “The sports department in the East Gate Mall covers an area of 3.600 m2, which is the largest sports offer in the region. SPORT M carries attractive trademarks that sports fans are looking forward to.


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TINEX to open a modern hypermarket in East Gate Mall

As a key anchor of East Gate Mall, TINEX opens its first hypermarket within a shopping mall in October this year. TINEX HYPERMARKET will be the only market in the shopping center and will cover 2,000 m2.

Fashion Group present with 8 new brands in East Gate Mall

The fashion leader in our region, "FASHION GROUP" comes to the East Gate Mall with all its brands and opens eight new projects of renowned international brands, but also the existing ones, with improved and promoted stores.

Prime Minister Zaev visits East Gate Mall construction site

High representatives of the Government of Republic of North Macedonia, led by the Prime Minister, Mr. Zoran Zaev, visited the construction site of East Gate Mall, hosted by Mr. Samir Mane, the President of Balfin Group and Skopje East Gate's shareholders.

NEPTUN is the leader of innovative technology in East Gate Mall

NEPTUN, the leader in innovative technologies and white goods in Macedonia, opens its 26 locations as a "flagship" store in East Gate Mall. The store will cover 1500 m2 and will be located in a strategic location.

LPP fashion brands from Central and Eastern Europe open their first stores at East Gate Mall in Skopje

LPP with its five well-known brands: Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, and Sinsay will bring true refreshment by establishing its stores in East Gate Mall.

All INDITEX brands come to East Gate Mall

The world fashion mogul from Spain, Inditex Group, will rent business space for all its brands in EAst GAte Mall.