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Unity Voucher

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Palestra Fitness Center is one of the leading fitness centers in the region with an area of ​​over 1,000 m2. In operation since 2021, our goal has always been to provide quality service at competitive prices! We are constantly expanding our range and improving our service to ensure our customers get the best value.

Introducing the Unity Voucher program, where as a Palestra Fitness Center member you can receive benefits every time you shop at the fitness center.

How does it work?

Your membership card now becomes something more and you can now pay with it. By entering a certain amount of money as credits on your card, each member receives a Palestra Family discount on all products in our bar. You can also use your Unity Voucher credits to book and pay for your next Yumeiho massage. Challenge yourself and take advantage of the benefits of the Unity Voucher program at Palestra Fitness Center! 💪🏻