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As football fever grips the world, we join in the excitement and celebration of EURO 2024 in our shopping center. Get ready for a series of thrilling events that will make your shopping experience even more unforgettable.

Interactive Football Zone

Join us in our specially curated football zone, test your football skills in play mode, play mini-football, or jump as high as Ronaldo to earn valuable rewards. Dive into interactive games and challenges designed for fans of all ages. Everyone can enjoy and show their love for the most important side activity in the world.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Take advantage of all the offers and promotions from our retailers, whether you want to dress up or grab a snack to watch all the EURO 2024 matches, we are here to enhance your shopping experience.

Mark the dates in your calendars and join us at East Gate Mall, whether you’re a hardcore football fan or just want to feel the football euphoria, everyone can enjoy the fun.

Together we will make this EURO 2024 unforgettable.

Activations in the corner

How precise are you?

Shoot for the goal and win a valuable voucher. Sign up with our hostesses with an account of over 1000 denars, shoot for a goal, and win a gift.

How high can you jump?

Can you beat Ronaldo in a shot with the head? Jump as high as you can, hit the ball with your head, and win a prize voucher.

Foosball tournament

Gather your team and come for fair play in a small football match. Free activation without prior registration.

Bench football

Come with your friends and try your luck in bench football. Score a goal from a sitting position and show them you’re a ready striker. Free activation without prior registration.

Play football on your field

Gather your team and try yourself in football on our field. Free activation without prior registration.

Photo Booth

Capture this EURO 2024 with a thematic photo. Show to everyone that you’re a football fan and take a photo in our photo booth.

Chill zone

If you don’t want to compete, come to cheer for your friends in our lazy chill zone.

Location: sports corner, first floor.

Corner Opening Hours:

Friday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.


14.06- Friday, 15.06- Saturday, 16.06- Sunday

22.06- Saturday, 23.06- Sunday

29.06- Saturday, 30.06- Sunday


6.07- Saturday, 7.07- Sunday

13.07- Saturday, 14.07- Sunday

Special offer at the restaurants Soul Kitchen, Buenos Dias, Bella Vista, and IG Group Macedonia during EURO 2024.

– Chicken fingers and two beers for 490 denars.

– Beers 3+1 free 490 denars.

– Nachos and two beers 490 denars.

– Breaded platter – 20% off

– Pizza – 20% off

– Pastrmajlija (traditional Macedonian dish) – 20% off